Wifi Networks

With the growing reliance on laptops and mobile devices in the home and at work, your wireless network (wifi) is a often your most usual connection to the internet.

In particular when you move to fibre and expect lightning fast internet.


There are many reasons why you might experience frustration with your wifi:

  1. The number of devices connecting at the same time to your wifi – phones, laptops, Chromecast TV, Desktop PCs
  2. The type of content being streamed via your wifi network– especially video
  3. The distance from the wfi router
  4. The quality of the wifi router
  5. The age and performance of the computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet

Our technicians can diagnose and identify what the problem is, where the problem is and what to do about it.

We have tools that can see your wifi network and measure how well it’s performing

As internet speeds improve, so too must the devices that generate and consume the wifi.

Our Need a Nerd technician will look at your router, and at the wifi network coverage around your home or office to see where it’s strong and where it’s weak.

We look at the speed of your internet connection beyond your home or office to confirm you’re getting the internet speeds you’ve been promised and which you pay for.

With this information, our technicians can pinpoint where to make improvements to your wifi network – often it’s simply a case of installing a better wifi router or adding wifi boosters to improve the signal.

So, if you’re experiencing frustrations with your wifi network, then give a us call or fill in the contact form on this website and we’ll be in touch to help you out.

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