Buying a Computer or Laptop

There are innumerable places you can buy a new computer or laptop but how do you know if what you’re looking at is the right machine for you?

Should you get a Microsoft machine or a MacBook – desktop or laptop?

When you’re looking to buy a new computer or laptop you’ll quickly discover that the language used to describe the specifications and functions is hardly written with the average consumer in mind. This makes it near impossible for everyone other than computer Nerd to know what the best computer or laptop is for you.


You could rely on retail salesperson to explain it all to you but how can you be sure they know what they’re talking about. From SSDs, RAM, CPUs, Graphics Cards, USB, HDMI, VGA , DVI and ethernet ports, it’s not easy to tell a high-quality laptop or PC from a complete dog.


Buying a computer or a laptop requires a reasonable knowledge of the technology that most of us don’t have.

At Need a Nerd, we sell every type of technology you might ever want and we only recommend you buy a computer or laptop we genuinely believe will suit both your needs and your budget.

And, with laptops ranging in price from $700 to $3000 there’s a lot to know about getting the right one for you.

If you buy a cheap laptop that will simply be a waste of money because it won’t perform the you hope – it’ll be slow and it’ll struggle with video streaming.  On the other hand, spending more than $1500 on a laptop that you only use for reading email or browsing the odd website is an unnecessary expenditure.

Buying a desktop computer presents the same challenges. If you’d like some help to buy the best laptop or desktop computer for you, then ask us for a recommendation and a quote.


If you buy your laptop or computer from Need a Nerd Wellington, we’ll bring it to you, set it up, transfer the data from your old computer to the new computer, install your anti-virus software, your data backup program – AND we take away your old computer and the packaging and arrange for it to be responsibly recycled.


So, before you tear off to the shops, contact us at Need a Nerd Wellington.

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