Laptop Repairs

Laptops (or notebooks as they’re sometimes referred to) are essential devices in this modern age but they must be treated with care.

The average lifespan of a laptop is typically not much more than five years.  At Need a Nerd we deal with laptop repairs every day – both the standard Microsoft laptop and Macbooks.

Unlike desktop PCs, laptops are moved from place to place around the home or office, from home to work, on planes, trains and automobiles.

This mobility is both a laptop’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness.  Some things to avoid when using a laptop include:

  • Moving it while it’s still saving files to the hard drive
  • Dropping it or putting it down with care
  • Smothering the ventilation holes by using it bed or on soft furnishings – a hard surface is always best.
  • Moving it with the lid still open

Our Nerd Technicians can deal with a range of common problems to repair your laptop.

Common Laptop Repairs:

  • To improve the speed of a laptop we can swap out an old hard drive and replace it with a much faster solid-state drive.
  • Wireless network cards can fail which we can replace
  • More RAM (random access memory) to allow it to perform more tasks simultaneously
  • Batteries can die, which we can replace
  • Power supplies can fail which we can also replace
  • Virus attacks are common problems  – we can chase them out and supply you a good anti-virus software

If you have dropped your laptop or sat on it and broken the screen then you’re probably going to have to replace the laptop. While screens can be replaced (seldom can they be fixed), a laptop repair can be an expensive business with the parts often having to come from overseas.

Our Nerd Technicians will advise you the best options around laptop repair or replacement. Once a laptop is older than three or four years, a new laptop may be the better choice than a repair but that depends on what’s wrong with it and the likely cost options. We will always consult with you before making any decisions.

We want you to have the best experience.

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