Recycling Your E-Waste

At Need a Nerd Wellington we do all we can to minimise and recycle waste.

Old computers, monitors, printers, laptops, cables and routers shouldn’t to landfill – they don’t need to.


We collect all our customer’s dead technology and ensure that everything is recycled.  This also includes the packaging.

Large cardboard boxes are flattened and are recycled. Plastic is recycled, even the polystyrene is taken to a recycler in Porirua who shreds it and converts it into slabs that are used as underfloor insulation.

Computers and laptops all contain precious metals, including gold that are collected with 99% of the remaining components being recycled.  Nothing goes to landfill.


If you buy any technology from Need a Nerd Wellington, we’ll ensure your old tech is disposed of responsibly.

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