Computer Repairs

It’s difficult to imagine a life without computers and screens, such is our dependence on them.

It’s no surprise to feel intense frustration when they let you down or simply stop working.

The fact of matter is that like every manufactured product, your desktop computer or laptop will eventually fail and acomputer repair is needed.

And when it does, you want someone with knowledge and experience to help you out.


Need a Nerd Wellington has been in business since late 2010 and in that time we’ve helped thousands of customers at home and at work – there’s not much we haven’t seen and not much we haven’t fixed.

Computer repairs are our bread and butter.

Most computer repairs fall into two categories; hardware and software. Our most common hardware failure concerns the hard drive that stores your data. The older hard disk drives (HDD) are very prone to failure because they have a rapid spinning disk that wears our over time.

Fortunately there is a replacement technology called Solid State Drives (SSD) that will not only be a good computer repair but will actually make your computer faster than the day it came out of the factory.

Other computer repair problems include a lack of processing power to manage all your tasks.  We can fix this by adding more RAM (Random Access Memory).

We can repair this by adding more RAM (Random Access Memory).  Graphics and network cards can also fail and they can be replaced fairly easily.

A simple computer repair may involve you wanting to connect one device to another requiring a specific cable or adaptor.  Like everything, it’s not hard if you know what you’re doing and that’s where all those years of experience will give you the right solution quickly. Software problems often involve a blue screen with a blinking cursor and no other activity.  We call this the Blue Screen of Death – BSOD for short.

Other problems might involve your email service, Microsoft Office 365 or downloading software.

Computer repairs are what we do every day but sometimes we find computers that just aren’t worth the effort and cost of repair.

If that’s that the case then we’ll help you with buying a new computer or laptop.


Whatever problems you’re having, contact us and we’ll sort it out for you.

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